KUBUNTU License Plates

I am the Linux Alpha male road geek in Montana with these plates on my Montana licensed 2005 Toyota Corolla S that say KUBUNTU.  Just renewed at the DMV in July 2018.  Sort of surprised no one else had beaten me to it.

photo looking at the rear of a 2005 toyota corolla and the license plates say kubuntu and the plates are from montana
I’m da bomb with my personalized Montana license plates that read KUBUNTU.

Some Random Photo Prints From The 90’s & 80’s

A mixture of photos from early 80’s to Y2K.  All photos COPYRIGHTED © and ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ®.  But hey, I’m a sharing kind of guy, ask me, and maybe I’ll let you use my photos for free as long as you don’t use them on a website that has any kind of advertising at all.  No ads period.  I’m also willing to license photos under a open source free software friendly licence too.  See my Flickr page here at Nate’s Flickr Account

Early 80s - Young Nate Playing Guitar
Early 80’s – Young Nate Playing Guitar
Mid 80s - Me Nate on The Right as Dracula and Leroy on the left as a Goblin
Mid 80’s – Me Nate on The Right as Dracula and Leroy on the left as a Goblin
Nates Gangsta Car From 1996 sitting in the driveway parked in this black and white photo
Nate’s Gangsta Car From 1996
Oregon Coast - Late 90's, Nate sitting on some rocks ovelooking a cliff with his back to the ocean on the Oregon coast
Oregon Coast – Late 90’s
Y2K - 27 Years Old, Nate smiling into the camera. He has a beard and mustache and is wearing a blue shirt. A doorway is behind him and there are family pictures on the wall.
Y2K – 27 Years Old


That’s it for now.  All photos COPYRIGHTED © and ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ®.

Nate’s Spirited and Immature Rousing of Fellow Citzens

I wrote this in 1991 in response to a response by a fellow classmate to a newspaper article.  The classmate was some kind of an anti-government hippie and was a women’s lib kind of teen.  I was an all American boy, which was kind of funny because you would think a person like me would be an activist/criminal/marginalized/fight for your rights kind of guy, that was if you knew me.  That’s what I turned into.  But in 1991 I was very much a believer in the system.  I called bullshit when people complained about the police or Congress.  In the following letter to the Helena Independent Record newspaper in Helena, MT U.S.A. I try to rouse my fellow citizens to take note of their plight and grasp their destiny, their right to control the government.  But I was 18 years old.  Much in the way of spelling mistakes and all caps.  It’s pretty funny to read and makes me feel good that there are still teens who give a damn enough to write letters about their government.  I’m not the only one.  Far, far better teen writers then and today are spearheading the future today.  Better to have students taking an interest in government than indifference.

My rant was on a paper I scanned to PDF which I converted to an image.  I didn’t feel like typing it.  So without further delay, here is my 1991 rant.

letter to a local newspaper
Page one of a letter to the local newspaper detailing why I think the U.S.A. is number one back in 1991 that is!
a letter to a local newspaper
My letter to my local newspaper detailing why I think the U.S.A is so awesome, back in 1991 that is!