Blog Post #1 – Epilepsy in dogs

This is well written.


I have a dog named Lucy and she is 6 years old. Two years ago she began to have seizures and was diagnosed with Epilepsy. She no longer has seizures with the help of medication.
There is no true epilepsy as it is a matter of ruling out everything else. There are two types, primary or secondary. Primary is a genetic or inherited epilepsy and secondary is in which the cause is undetermined. There are also many different types of seizures. Generalized, may be Grand Mal or mild, but include loss of consciousness, extends limbs rigidly, paddles legs, dilation of pupils, urination. Other seizures are classified as petit mal, partial, complex, cluster, or status epilepticus.
To diagnose a dog with epilepsy a complete neurological exam is completed along with profile and history, type of seizure, and blood tests. When this has been completed one of three conclusions will be drawn:…

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