Starbucks or Rather The Play On Your Phone Hideout

I have exactly 10GB of data available to me and I am at 9.996GB exactly.  So I am using Google Starbucks WIFI.  It’s like I’m in withdrawal until the 26th when the counter resets.  So I hop from access point to access point hoping I don’t get trapped somewhere too long without an access point.

When I go too long without the Internet, my mind begins to play tricks on me.  I imagine that dying people are trying to get a hold of me.  Or that I won a prize and I have 30 minutes to claim it, sometimes it’s 5 minutes.  Other times I think that if I don’t see the weather on my phone I’ll get caught in a down pour, unmindful of the fact that I have eyes that can look skyward and see the clear blue sky at 85° temp.

I’m an alcoholic and I have several mental health disorders like OCD and bipolar and paranoid delusions.  So I get addicted to everything including the net and I have idiosyncrasies about those things.

That explains my need to be plugged in all the time.  The 26th can’t come fast enough.



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