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The Book That Altered My Thinking About The Other People And Cleared The Fog

The book is “Lies My Teacher Told Me” by James W. Loewen.  The tagline is “Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong.”

The following description is based on part, the words from the rear of the dust jacket mixed with some words of my own.

Lies is in part a telling critique of existing textbooks but, more importantly, an excellent retelling of American history as it should-and could-be taught to American students.  The author spent two years at the Smithsonian Institution doing an examination of twelve leading high school textbooks of American history.  The back of the book says he found an uneasy amalgam of bland optimism, blind patriotism, and misinformation pure and simple.  The topics range from pre-Columbian times all the way to the 1990’s and include a wide range of famous people and events, some less well known to giants of history.

I love this book.  The title alone got my attention.  I thought this book would be the ranting of a man with an ax to grind.  Instead, the book made me feel about other people through their eyes and see the world as they perceive it.  The book has some good questions to ask yourself.  I’ll list them now as they are listed in the book.

  1.  Why was it written (or painted)?  Locate the audience in the social structure.  Consider what the speaker was trying to accomplish.
  2. Ask whose viewpoint is presented.  Where is the speaker, writer, etc. located in social structure?  What interest, material or ideological, does the statement serve?  Whose viewpoints are omitted?
  3. Is the account believable?  Does each acting group behave reasonably as we might, given the same situation and socialization?  This approach also requires examining the work for internal contradictions.  Does it cohere?  Do some of its assertions contradict others?
  4. Is the account backed up by other sources?  Or do other authors contradict it?
  5. Finally, after reading the words or seeing the image, how is one supposed to feel about the image that has been presented?  This analysis also includes examining the author’s choice of words and images.

Whew, some heady questions.

The Book at Amazon, The original Hardcover Which I Have.

Spiritual Agnosticism & Moral Nihilism

I tried to find God, but in the end, I just could not accept the supernatural. I figured that if I allowed even a little tiny bit of paranormal, I would have to believe in all things supernatural. I would simultaneously have to believe in a Christian God and Zeus. With all, I know about science and mathematics and have a skeptical mind I just couldn’t do it, belief in a God.

What I can believe is living a spiritual life of love and compassion and tolerance of others. I have a higher power that works by accepting in such a way that I hold myself to the higher ideal of humanity that reflects our species desire for love, compassion, tolerance, peace, and harmony among many other tag words.

I am also a moral Nihilist. I believe that this way of living offers hope for our people. By releasing us of the bonds of inherent morality, we can begin to see that our morality can be shaped by our higher mind. To be free of morality set in stone we can start to look at our Neighbours point of view and to allow our selves the freedom of empathy and understanding. We can heal broken hearts and mend the fence with our enemies.

This is how this alcoholic must live to stay sober amid a mind fraught with mental disorders. I fall far short of this ideal now, but someday I hope to come closer to the never to arrive finish line because it’s a journey.

What To Do About The pornography Problem In Children

So like, pornography is everywhere and readily available to everyone.  Children have easy access to pornography.  We’ll assume children age 15 and under.  Even with orwellian oversight by parents, children still can easily access pornography.  This can be a problem for children who have psychiatric problems.  One such problem is hypersexuality in children.  Children with hypersexuality upon their first exposure will be confronted with feelings they can not understand and will engage in behavior that seems odd to adults, assuming that the child bothers to be public about it.  Most likely the hyper-sexual child will experience intense feelings of shame and guilt.  The child will probably become addicted almost immediately to the nude body and any depictions of a nude body or sex acts.  The child will begin to stare at the preferred gender or both.  Child sex play will become excessively detailed and conducted in extreme secrecy.  The child will seek out magazines and online videos that are pornographic in nature.  As the child emerges from toddler to late childhood he/she will begin to develop one or more paraphilias.  Paraphilias such as voyeurism to up skirting before teens to the emergence of pedophila (not in most cases probably) in late teens (16 and older).  I hope I have made clear the danger of pornography to those children with hypersexuality.  There are other case where there is danger as well, such as children who have been abused.

I’m firmly in the camp that we need restraints placed on the access of pornography.  The danger of a wild west of availability is much too dangerous to children.  I have thought much of how to preserve the access for adults while greatly diminishing the chances for a child to access pornography.

Here’s what I propose.   One, we require by federal law (USA) that all adult sexual content where the primary purpose is for entertainment value be placed on the tld http://.xxx for Internet content.  Offline content should be placed in an conspicuous place and protected by a cover as sometimes used with adult print material.  Content would be defined as any known or as yet unknown medium by any transmission mechanism.  Once protected by the first layer .xxx and covering of printed materials, the second layer is requiring paid access, no freebies and no samples.  All content should require a payment of a set minimum amount, say $2.99 per visit or a higher amount for a subscription.  Price would need to be carefully studied so as not to unduly limit access while being high enough to discourage careless use of payment method.  The third layer would be to require two way video during the payments process, meaning the web site would have an employee verify that the payee is indeed a human of adult age and this would also require that a scan of a photo ID be presented upon the commencement of two way video.  The payment and video verification should be stored for a set time as defined to be for the useful purpose of combating fraud after which time the info should be discarded.  Also all online access should be protected by two factor authentication and online content should require a valid email and phone and street mailing address for the primary residence.  Offline content should also require photo ID that would also be stored for a time appropriate for fraud protection.

It should be made a felony to supply adult sexual entertainment materials to children under the age of 16 for any reason including medical purpose as there is no medical need to expose children to pornography.

Online and offline sexual entertainment content should be taxed and that tax should be used to treat sexual disorders in children whether physical or mental as well as treatment of children who are victims of sexual abuse or any abuse.

I think that about covers it.  Remember, just because society condones something doesn’t make it right.  No amount of political correctness will ever make scat pornography right and no amount of constantly repeating over and over will ever make pornography erotica.

What’s the definition of pornography; to debase and to deprave the human being.  Also it’s not art as it’s easily repeatable and reproducible.  It’s sex on a mass assembly line which is why scat pornography is pornography and so is playboy.

What’s the definition of erotica; a one off, one time thing, not easily reproduced.  A celebration of humanity.  The joy of feeling good before, during and after the sensual and erotic.

This has been my take on things.  I lay no claim to being an expert other than to say I’m human.  Nothing I have suggested would prevent access to pornography and would greatly reduce access by children.  It would be mandatory that adults information be protected and require a warrant for access by law enforcement, no non warrant divulging.  Also sexual content for educational value would not have to follow these rules, but would still require disclaimers and would have to be approved by a committee of licensed medical professionals such as pediatrician, LCSW, psychologist, etc.

So that’s that.  Typed on my android phone and because of that, should be lots of spelling errors and such.