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Say Fellas, I’m Looking for a Laptop That Has an Optical Drive

What’s everyone’s take on laptops costing $3000.00 or less that have an optical drive. I like the Dell XPS 15, but they don’t come with a drive and I do a lot of music CD buying and need to rip on a regular basis. I don’t want to have to lug around an external optical drive. I have $2200.00 right now, so I am not buying for a few months yet. It’s a shame System76 got rid of the optical drive on all their laptops, but kept the USB 2.0 ports, go figure. I like 15 inch screens, no smaller. 4K display is great and I prefer Intel graphics, but Nvidia are good too. 1TB SSD NVMe with better than 3000MB write. Will go with 32GB ram. Seventh gen i7 a must. A better than 85KWH battery. Weight not an issue. Minimum 3 year warranty, either standard or optional. I like Dell’s warranties. I don’t care if Ubuntu is pre-installed or not as long as everything works out of the box. WIFI AC. HDMI output. Bluetooth 4.0 or 4.1. No legacy ports, no USB 2.0. Minimum USB 3.0 and up and Thunderbolt 3 a plus, but not necessary.

CD-ROM drive needed. Don’t care for BD. CD and DVD read and write.

Guys am I missing anything? What’s the WordPress community opinion on 15 inch laptops with an optical drive.

What’s Your Favorite Beer

Mine is Natural Ice.  I don’t drink alcohol any more because that always leads to trouble.  Some others I liked were Bartle & James Strawberry Daiquiri.  Too many favorites to list.  If it was beer I liked it.  Big tall 24 ounce glasses.  The only image of me ever drinking.  This picture was taken at 5 AM in the morning; Mountain Time U.S.



The Door to Our Hearts

My friend Nick wrote this.  All I can say is I’m glad I don’t have a Facebook account.  I don’t want to wake up in the morning and be assaulted by a stream of virulent political and religious postings.  I’ll get my news from elsewhere and study it carefully to be sure I’m not reading something fake or lopsided.


Why do so many political opinions pervade Facebook? Everyday it seems there is a new post about how bad president Trump is or why we should invest in a universal type of health care. Undoubtedly th…

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