Heavy Metal Days

Nate in 1991 with long hair.
A photo of Nate Homier with long hair in 1991 when he was 18 years old.

So this kid started attending a high school for kids at risk of dropping out.  It’s called Project for Alternative Learning.  I went there from January 1990 till I dropped out in June 1992.  I got my G.E.D. in 1994 and my G.E.D. counselor said I had impressive scores across the board.  I mainly dropped out because I was very bored and I did not get enough one on one help.  At the time the education offered was very boring and I simply could not maintain focus.  I had wanted to learn all about computers, there were simply no adequate educational systems in place in Helena, MT at the time.  I was mentally very sick from a few months old to now (2017).  At the time this photo was taken I was suffering from bipolar and OCD.  I was lonely and had no friends.  With no education in computers available in the local school system I was doomed as all other subjects bored me to death.  Unfortunately my life only got much worse after I dropped out.  Eventually I got my first computer in 1996 and became self taught in Linux.  I wonder what a quality education with intense support would have done for me.  I think it would have given me a quicker path to success; because I only started to be successful in 2014 when I sobered up.  Now I have a job, knowledgeable about all things Linux, friends.  I’m still very sick mentally and spiritually, but I’m coming along.  One thing about the photo; I’m 5’10” and 165 pounds, I now weigh 350 pounds at the same height.  I’m trying to lose weight.  Maybe in the future I’ll post some pictures of my weight gain as my weight mirrored my decent into craziness.

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