Cruel Things People Say To Those With A Mental Illness

Stop me if you’ve heard these.

  • It must be working for you if your still stuck
  • Just do the opposite of what your head tells you
  • Miracles come after a lot of hard work
  • Your lazy
  • If you lost your disability check and family, you’d be surprised at what you could do
  • If only you applied yourself
  • Just try getting a 40 hour week job and see what happens
  • Maybe if you ate better
  • Maybe if you exercised more or at all
  • Try dressing in nice clothes
  • If you would just shower and shave, use real hot water, you’d feel better

Special Section for 12 Step Programs

  • Your depressed?  Your being selfish and self-centered
  • You’re in mental pain?  You can only think of you, you, you
  • If you would only surrender to God; you would be OK
  • If you would just work the 12 steps, you wouldn’t feel so bad
  • If you’d carry the message to a person with an addiction; you’d get out of yourself
  • Get busy sponsoring people and doing service work in A.A. and you will feel better

While it’s true that every person who has some form of brain dysfunction is unique and responds  sometimes to the suggestions like eat better, exercise, shower, shave etc. most will not respond to everything.  In other words, when someone says “Miracles come after a lot of hard work”, some will get up off their beds and recover or at least reduce the severity of their symptoms, while others will never be able to care for themselves; so great the mental illness.  We must be slow to judge those who have mental health disorders who do not respond to phrases like “Maybe if you ate better” or “Think about all of the people who lost their legs who really need that government check”.  Some people will never recover very much if at all.  Saying those phrases listed above is very hurtful and if a therapist or doctor says them, then get a new therapist or doctor.  It’s understandable that the general public says these things, but when a therapist or doctor says them, it’s proves that the professional is a quack.  My own therapist has sometimes fallen into this trap.  I have had to distance myself from her and only use her for the medications she provides.

And god help you if you’re in an 12 step program like Alcoholics Anonymous because in 12 step programs; if your feeling bad it’s because you haven’t surrendered to god and your only thinking of your self.  Yep, that’s right, in A.A., they think your being selfish and self-centered if your suffering from a mental illness.

One thought on “Cruel Things People Say To Those With A Mental Illness

  1. I was thinking more along the lines of the chronically ill as opposed to someone who has a common cold variety. However these words can be useful to some and hurtful to others.


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