A 2010 Audio Shortwave Recording Of Radio Taiwan International

My Shortwave radio reception report that I sent to Radio Taiwan International back in 2010.  In return they sent me trinkets from Taiwan.  I got some cool stuff from Taiwan.  Also included is an audio recording of the shortwave reception report.  Note that I’m not sure if this reception report pertains to the recording.  Report and recording are from August 2010.

Radio Taiwan International


Shortwave Radio



Random Wire Antenna

Nathaniel Homier
Helena, MT 59601 U.S.A.

Shortwave Reception Report

Radio = Eton E1

AGC = Slow

Bandwidth = 4 kHz

Tuning mode used: AM Synchronous Detection USB

Antenna = External antenna was used.

Antenna Type = 23 feet random wire

Frequency = 9680 kHz

Date = August 5, 2010 UTC

Start Of Listening Time = 2:17 UTC

S = 4
I = 5
N = 4
P = 4
O = 4

Program: “Hear in Taiwan”

Stories heard on “Hear in Taiwan”.

At 2:20 UTC, male and female host talking about mosquitoes.
A woman collected a large amount of mosquitoes and they
weighed a certain amount and she won a cash prize.

At 2:22 UTC, talking about a mexican restaurant located in Taiwan.

At 2:24 UTC, program change with jazz or ballroom music.

At 2:25 UTC, Ilha Formosa

At 2:33 UTC, talking about Australian elections.

At 2:46 UTC, Instant Noodles

At 2:50 UTC, total fadeout, only atmospheric noise heard, lasting about 30 seconds.
Then the signal faded back in to the SINPO numbers listed above.

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