I Use FastMail

Sign up for FastMail email here. You’ll thank me later. Just get your own domain and ditch Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. Much better to just roll your own. No ads, no tracking, no data lock in, respects your privacy. Isn’t time you upgraded your email? Treat yourself better than the crap called free-mail. Sure, it’s a minimum of $50 a year for FastMail plus $12 a year or higher for Google Domains. Exact pricing depends upon which domain you get. You’ll never regret it. I mean c’mon, you pay $150 a month for cable TV or for all kinds of other silly things which are not as important as email, why not for a better email.

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I outsource all my domains email to FastMail.com because their a good price, and they have an easy interface.  I get 25 GB of storage on the $50 a year standard plan.  I can have pretty much unlimited (100) domains connected to my one user.  Plus unlimited aliases (well, almost unlimited, 600).  Good solid IMAP performance and speed.  I really like that I can secure my FastMail.com account with two factor authentication, and use app passwords.  I can also delegate whether or not an app has access to email, calendar, contacts or all of the above.  A cool thing is, I can access the FastMail.com web mail interface from my domain without me needing to setup a web server.  Sort of like this: https://mail.########.net and you visit that link, and presto you have your very own login page.  You can even customize it, I believe.  Go to their site here…

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