How To Change The Owner and Organization Info on Windows 10, So Everyone Knows Just Who The Computer Belongs Too

Azure Sciences & Technologies

Please read the how-to all the way through and study carefully before you begin the process a wise man once said.

I figured out how to do this here at  But, that website is full of confusing navigation and intrusive advertising.  I thought I would post the solution here, so I would have a sane place for me to remember, and possibly benefit others.  I don’t use ad-blockers, so I went to that site and got blasted with ads.  At this site, no ads.  No tracking.  If you want to follow this blog, all that’s required is a fake name (actually, you don’t even need a name) and a working email address created using Tor.  I believe in supporting websites through advertising, I also believe in not going back to a website when their advertising is bad. is not my cup of tea, but they did have…

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