My Dad’s Poem To His Family

My Dad dedicated this to his family in 1975.  I was two years old.  He died on September 30th, 1996.  Feel free to share the poem with anybody you care to, but keep the copyright intact.

A Poem By My Father To His Family.

Copyright 1975 © James Homier’s Estate



Where trees hide you like a dome

in nature’s home.

But still there is quiet

and you can dream with all your might.

Where the squirrels run wild

and everything seems so mild.

The flowers all smile

as if nothing is vile.

The birds all sing

like the church bells ring.

I sit and watch all the sun lit rays

as my children go their separate ways.

As I sit with my wife,

I dream of loving her the rest of my life.

Oh, how beautiful this little nook

as I listen to the trickling of the brook.

Where all the field mice enjoy

nestling among the Bird of Paradise.

As I reach the crest

it is at it’s best.

You can see in all the surroundings

Life is at it’s best.

As I descend into the valley of ferns

there is really no reason to have concern.

But I know everything has to come to an end

so I head for home just around that bend.

Dedicated to my Family

Jim Homier


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A 2010 Audio Shortwave Recording Of Radio Taiwan International

My Shortwave radio reception report that I sent to Radio Taiwan International back in 2010.  In return they sent me trinkets from Taiwan.  I got some cool stuff from Taiwan.  Also included is an audio recording of the shortwave reception report.  Note that I’m not sure if this reception report pertains to the recording.  Report and recording are from August 2010.

Radio Taiwan International


Shortwave Radio



Random Wire Antenna

Nathaniel Homier
Helena, MT 59601 U.S.A.

Shortwave Reception Report

Radio = Eton E1

AGC = Slow

Bandwidth = 4 kHz

Tuning mode used: AM Synchronous Detection USB

Antenna = External antenna was used.

Antenna Type = 23 feet random wire

Frequency = 9680 kHz

Date = August 5, 2010 UTC

Start Of Listening Time = 2:17 UTC

S = 4
I = 5
N = 4
P = 4
O = 4

Program: “Hear in Taiwan”

Stories heard on “Hear in Taiwan”.

At 2:20 UTC, male and female host talking about mosquitoes.
A woman collected a large amount of mosquitoes and they
weighed a certain amount and she won a cash prize.

At 2:22 UTC, talking about a mexican restaurant located in Taiwan.

At 2:24 UTC, program change with jazz or ballroom music.

At 2:25 UTC, Ilha Formosa

At 2:33 UTC, talking about Australian elections.

At 2:46 UTC, Instant Noodles

At 2:50 UTC, total fadeout, only atmospheric noise heard, lasting about 30 seconds.
Then the signal faded back in to the SINPO numbers listed above.